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The main purpose of this website, is to get the word out on our Paradise called the, “Ozark Mountains” in my favorite states of Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Decoda.  We like it here so well we want to share it with our friends around the world. 
We’ve worked about 5 years on the site and paid for it as it was built.  So now it is time for you and I to enjoy it and make a few bucks along the way.  You should make money because the very inexpensive links from our site to yours will lure customers from all around the world to your site.  We’re going to keep prices low, pay our employees and contractors well and hopefully have a little left for our owners.  Wish us luck!!


Housing prices and the cost of living are very reasonable here. But of all the great assets of the Ozark Mountains, the beauty of this area and it's people are the best assets of all. Due to recent developments I believe there is going to be a big boom in growth here. Manufacturing, construction, tourism, business, jobs, etc. have been growing and I expect will be really taking off very soon. In my opinion this is the best area in the world to retire. Come check us out. Start by calling one of our realtors.

Real Estate

The purpose of this website is to invite folks in other areas to join us in our paradise and to connect them with real estate brokers, hotels, restaurants, etc. who will assist them in every way they can.The Harrison Convention & Visitors Bureau presents the great and beautiful city of Harrison, Arkansas. 

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Bring your employees to the gateway of the Buffalo National river, Harrison Arkansas. Harrison is in the middle of the Ozarks. It's only a short distance from all the attractions of The Ozark Mountains paradise. After enjoying their day sight seeing and other activities they can return to Harrison for meetings, parties or just relax at our beautiful

Durand Convention Center


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OH, did I mention that I've been told Nascar is going to build a track here?
Keep your fingers crossed!

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